Christianity and Literature

This book offers a guide for engaging with literary studies as a Christian. Jeffrey and Maillet begin with an exploration of the relationship between Christianity and truth, Christian approaches to reading literature, and the literary nature of the Bible. They go on to offer entry points into reading the literature of different historical periods from […]

The Discerning Reader

This book has contributions from a number of Christian scholars who explore the unique opportunities and challenges of approaching literature as a Christian. The introduction is a really helpful overview for studying literature as a Christian, and then you can dip into any chapters that grab your attention! Maybe have a look and note down […]

Biblical Critical Theory

Can the Bible make sense of life, culture and literature? Watkin explores the assumptions and longings that shape culture, and how they can be made sense of by the Bible’s storyline. This is particularly helpful for developing a framework for engaging critically with the world around us in a loving and thoughtful way. If there […]

Echoes of Eden

Barrs helps us think through how we understand creativity and the arts in the light of who God is and how he has created the world. He explores some interesting questions, such as: Why does art matter? How does art help us understand more about who God is? How is a writer’s calling different with […]

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